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What Causes Shingles? – 5 Warning Signs to Be Aware Of

Shingles are common, but what is shingles caused from?

You can say that shingles are the reactivation of the chickenpox. They occur because of the varicella-zoster virus – the same culprit that causes chickenpox. People who have suffered from chickenpox are likely to develop shingles. When a person recovers from the chickenpox, the varicella-zoster gets into the nervous system, which allows them to travel from nerve to your skin.

But it doesn’t mean that everyone who suffers from chickenpox can have shingles. The primary reasons for the shingles are still unknown, but it can occur due to the weak immune system. In addition to weak immune defense, growing age can also increase the risk of developing Shingles; it is common in older adults.

Early Shingles Symptoms

The following are the five warning signs the can lead to shingles.

1.      Rash

Ugly rashes on the body can be a potential symptom of Shingles. They are almost similar to the chickenpox, because of the identical virus. It also includes blisters filled with fluid, localized to one part of the body. The localization occurs because they affect localized nerve roots. Mostly, you can find these rashes on the back, neck, chest, and buttocks. This is because these places have clusters of nerves.