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Understanding Your Choices in Fitness Training

If you are just embarking on a new fitness training journey, you are probably in the research mode. You are trying to determine what type of fitness training there is and what is going to be best for you. This will give you some idea of what your choices are and how you can fit them in to your training regime.

Flexibility training

This is really going to provide the foundation for your progression into the other types of training that is available to you. This is where you are going to start to utilize stretching exercises that help to prepare your body for the progression into your exercising program.

Flexibility training

Flexibility training

It helps to reduce the chances of injury that can come from over exercising or the wrong exercises, and allows you to start becoming flexible and promotes your range of motion. It is ideal to use flexibility training as your warm-up and your cool down when you are going to add more vigorous types of exercising to your agenda.

There are many different forms of flexibility training that you can incorporate such as yoga which can help to relax your muscles as it strengthens them. Tai chi for example, helps to reduce your stress level which removes the stiffness in your muscles and helps you to learn how to balance.