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Top 11 Cancer-Causing Foods You Eat Every Day

Cancer is one of those words that just makes you feel yucky — it’s a disease that affects millions around the globe, taking the lives of 8.2 million people in 2012. Unfortunately, many individuals take action too late — changing their diet and lifestyle after a diagnosis.

The truth is, there’s no better treatment than prevention. You can take action today, allowing you to protect your future health. Positive health can be overwhelming, but as long as you remain active and follow a balanced, nutrient-rich diet, you will significantly reduce your risk.

Avoid These 11 Cancer-Causing Foods

A healthy diet is not just about consuming the right foods, it’s also about avoiding the wrong foods. Our current food system is focuses on cheap, highly processed foods that are making us sick — leading to increasing rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and yes, cancer. Avoid these 11 foods, you will already make a positive impact on your health, without little effort.

  1. Margarine


For years, margarine was recommended as a heart-healthy alternative to butter. This has led to some devastating consequences, as organic, grass-fed butter actually offers a range of beneficial nutrients. In comparison, margarine is heavily processed from oils such as soy and corn. Based on this process, which exposes the oil to high temperatures, an increase in free radicals occurs.