Tighten Your Thighs with These Simple Exercises

The summer months bring warm weather, which means many people reach for their shorts. If you would like to tighten and tone your upper thighs, there are exercises you can do to target this area. Implement these thigh workouts into your regular routine and you’ll achieve results in no time.

3 Exercises to Tone Upper Thighs

If you are new to exercising, start small, gradually working your way up to longer workout times and more repetitions. For now, start with the minimum amount until you’re comfortable. It’s important that you learn to do each exercise right in order to truly benefit.

1. Wall Squats

BodysquatThis exercise only requires a wall and yourself — pretty simple. Whether you’re at home or at the office, this can be done anywhere. Start by leaning against the wall, making contact from your head, down to your bottom. With your knees apart and slightly bent, your legs should be about a foot and a half in front of you.

When you’re in the full position, it should look as if you’re sitting in a chair. It may seem simple at first, however, as time passes, you will feel a burning sensation. Try to hold it for at least a minute or two your first time. From there, you can set goals for yourself, working your way up to 10 minutes or more.