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This is What Your Fingernails Are Warning You (7 Warning Signs)

We do not often give our fingernails much thought — that is until we notice that something isn’t quite right. Certain symptoms can arise, displaying various possible health complications. Depending on what these symptoms are, you can better determine what may be wrong with your health.

If you notice any of the abnormal signs below, please seek a medical opinion.

Notice These Nail Symptoms? There May Be An Issue

From white spots to brittle nails, there’s a wide range of possible ‘warning’ signs that you need to be aware of. The truth is, your nails can provide a window into your overall health — so be mindful of the following. The examples below are often worst case scenario. Like any aspect of your health, be proactive and seek medical attention as soon as you’re concerned that something may be wrong.

  1. White spots


We’ve all experienced a white dot or two on our fingernails. Most people think this is due to some sort of deficiency, but this symptom is typically caused by some wort of trauma to the nail. In this case, there’s no reason to be concerned. This can also occur after extended nail polish wear.