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The Physical Benefits of Being Outdoors

While there are many great mental benefits to being outdoors there is also some excellent benefits on a physical level. One of the most important benefits to being outdoors is being exposed to the sun. Of course there can be detrimental affects to too much sun exposure so the right balance is critically important.

Those that spend a lot of time outdoors often find that their vitamin D level rises in their body. As the sun hits the skin it is transposed into vitamin D for the body to use. Vitamin D is critically important for fighting many potentially serious conditions such as osteoporosis, some types of cancer, as well as depression and heart attacks.

outdoors sport

outdoors sport

It is a natural tendency for anyone that is outdoors to become more active. Individuals that normally don’t do a lot of walking tend to do some walking when they are outdoors even if it’s just in the backyard walking through the garden.

The atmosphere of the outdoors has a tendency to change people’s moods for the better. Almost any person can do some form of activity when outdoors because they are not as restricted as they are when they are inside.