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Skin Cancer: The Most Common Type of Cancer in the World

BCC develops on the top layer of the skin, and often looks like a small bump. If it is left untreated, it can spread beneath the skin and can cause nerve and bone damage. SCC looks like a scaly patch or sore that will not heal. It is most often discovered on the face, mouth, or ears. Melanoma, though less common, is the most deadly of the three. It is usually identified as an irregularly shaped or evolving mole.

skinSkin cancer awareness has only just begun to make an impact on society. Doctors have known for years that sun exposure is the greatest contributor to skin cancer, but modern culture has been slow to adapt. The popular tanning trend of the past several decades is beginning to show its true colors with the rapidly growing rate of skin cancer victims. The “natural look” is regaining appreciation, along with diversity acceptance. People are acknowledging sun protection as a necessity for both beauty and health. Sunscreen application also prevents wrinkles and sun spots. For those who still want to achieve the sun-kissed glow without the risk, self-tanners and spray tanning are healthy options.