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Make Your Own Activated Charcoal Mask to Improve Skin Health

When you think of charcoal, the last thing you probably picture is a beneficial face mask. Although charcoal is used for backyard barbecues, activated charcoal is a whole other concept. Although this form of charcoal appears to be trending within the world of beauty — it’s far from new.

The use of activated charcoal dates back centuries, with some reporting its medicinal use as early as 1500 BC. From its antidote properties to its positive effects on skin health, this fine black powder is the perfect way to detoxify your pores, leading to improved complexion and younger looking skin.

 What is Activated Charcoal?

Before you begin spreading black charcoal onto your face, you’re probably thinking, what is it? Activated charcoal is simply carbon that has been heated to high temperatures. In turn, the carbon expands, creating a surface that is more porous. These pores are what act as a ‘magnet’ absorbing toxins and impurities.

Based on past research, activated charcoal is believed to absorb up to 200 times its own weight. Due to its effectiveness, it’s often used as an antidote, addressing emergency situations, including drug overdoses, food poisoning, and other toxic scares.



How Will Activated Charcoal Benefit My Skin?

As you can imagine, an activated charcoal mask will draw impurities out of your skin, helping you maintain a healthier complexion. It’s these impurities that often contribute to acne and excessive oil. Instead of using harsh cleansers that leave your skin dry, this is a great natural alternative.

Studies have shown that when using this skin treatment on your face, pores tighten and elasticity improves. Reducing overall inflammation, activated charcoal can also help you experience younger looking skin with regular use. The benefits do not stop there — activated charcoal is also perfect for bug bites.