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How to Care For Your Heels

When you think about it, your heels take a lot of abuse. They carry your weight all day, every day. In order to protect them, you need to keep them clean, moisturize them, and ensure that they do not crack — as this can become very painful. Whether you want to improve the look of your heels for cosmetic reasons or to improve dry, painful skin, try these natural remedies.

What Causes Cracked Heels?

Although it takes a fair bit of abuse, the skin on your heels is fairly sensitive. When they become too dry, this can lead to painful cracking and splitting. Not only can this make walking painful, but you also increase your risk of infection. More often than not, cracked heels occur due to dry skin.

heels_Insufficient moisture can result from a range of causes, including cold weather, dehydration, having diabetes, scrubbing your feet, and the use of harsh soaps. Once the skin loses moisture, it will dry out, causing potential cracking. Once the skin cracks, it can bleed, allowing bacteria and viruses to enter.

The two main risk factors for feet problems include obesity and diabetes. When you’re obese, your body weight will not be evenly distributed on your heel pad, leading to uneven pressure and cracking. For diabetics, they tend to experience damaged nerves in their feet due to uncontrolled blood sugar levels.

If you can relate to this common, yet highly uncomfortable issue — start caring for your heels today!