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Five Types of Friends You Can Do Without

Often, we befriend certain kinds of people who make us feel as if we have known them forever. Perhaps we became friends in school, university, workplace, or even a carpool group. The bonding runs so deep mostly that we do not ever stop to ponder upon what value they add to our lives and whether their presence has a positive impact on us.

As we mature, we become warier of acquainting new people and take our time scrutinizing their character. Only upon satisfaction of their genuineness do we agree to progress with the friendship.  Nevertheless, why do we fail to devote the same kind of screening and carefulness with friends we have known for long?

It is quite likely that certain friends can be detrimental to your wellbeing and progress in life, despite you knowing them for a long time. Toxic friends can be bad influences and tend to drain you emotionally and mentally. Here are the five kinds of friends you need to stay away from if you wish to lead a healthy life:

1.     Complainers


Friends who are chronic complainers are nearly impossible to please because they always find reasons to complain about. They are not solution-oriented, and their negative vibes can damage your outlook on life. Besides, you tend to feel overburdened by their constant winging and whining even when you are not responsible.