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Five Simple Ways to Sleep Better

Are you getting less than the recommended amount of sleep per night?

Welcome to the norm of modern society. Most people today hold work, school, or social activities as higher priorities. Sleep is no longer viewed as a necessity. Unfortunately, lack of sleep has grave repercussions. It affects your mental health, physical health, and quality of life. Sleep deficiency can make you irritable and more prone to damage your relationships with others. You are more susceptible to getting sick if you are not giving your body time to heal and repair itself. You will find yourself more worried, stressed, and exhausted. Sleep affects how you feel and how you function on a daily basis. It recharges you for the following day.

Are you having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Maybe you realize the importance of sleep, but regardless of getting in bed on time, you find yourself tossing and turning into the later hours of the night. Here are several home remedies for sleep deficiency that you need to try:


    1. Turn off the electronics. shutterWhatever your screen may be (television, computer, gaming system, or smart phone), it needs to be off within two hours of your bed time. All light hinders your ability to fall asleep, but the glow from electronics is much worse. It stimulates your eyes and brain in a way that delays the release of melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone in your body. Try creating a nighttime routine that does not include technology.