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Don’t Buy These 8 Foods Ever Again

  1. Artificial sweeteners


Once again, in order to reduce your risk of conditions such as diabetes, you may think that an artificial sweetener is a healthier option. Although they appear to benefit individuals who require a low glycemic diet, studies have shown that this ingredient can actually lead to diabetes. These processed sugar alternatives have also been linked to tumors, cancer, and hypertension.

  1. Fat-free milk


The zero fat craze has caused many people to reach for fat-free foods, including milk. The problem with any fat-free food, is that it’s FULL of sugar. This can actually cause weight gain and increase your risk of disease. Instead, choose organic milk — or a quality, natural source of cashew or almond milk.

The key is choosing foods that have been minimally processed. Start to become more involved in the latest research, increasing your knowledge of nutrition. Feed your body the right types of foods and it will thank you well into the future.