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Don’t Buy These 8 Foods Ever Again

As we become more aware of what’s in our food, it’s up to us to make more informed decisions.

The words of Hippocrates have continued to resonate with us, providing a clear picture of what food means to us as humans — “Let your food by thy medicine.”

Just as nutrient-dense foods can protect you against disease; nutrient-void, processed foods have been linked to disease.

From type II diabetes to cancer, it’s important that you re-evaluate your weekly grocery shopping list.

Starting with the 8 foods below, it’s time to clear out your fridge and pantry — never buying these items again.

Stay Away From These 8 Foods — For Good!

We all love a treat or two every now and again, but regularly consuming ‘garbage’ foods can wreak havoc on your overall health.

What tastes great short-term can cause a growing list of long-term health complications.

You may not have even realized that the foods below are bad for you — which is even more reason to re-evaluate your current diet.

  1. Fruit juice


When you think of fruit juice, you think vitamin C and other micronutrients. The truth is, fruit juice can be nearly as bad as soda.

Sure, juice offers more nutrients than soda, but it is the high level of fructose that you need to be concerned with.

Although our bodies utilize glucose, fructose is processed in the liver where it is then converted into fat.