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Diet Contributes to Hair Health – Here’s What You Should Eat


Both your hair and nails can tell you a lot about your underlying health. If your hair is overly dry and brittle, this is a signal that your body is not getting what it needs to function at an optimal level. There are a number of clues regarding the health of your hair in terms of your overall health. It’s important to recognize potential signs so that you can take action.

“What Your Hair May Be Telling You “

Each individual is unique in terms of the genetics and environment. What may be influencing your health, could differ in comparison to someone else. With that being said, certain red flags tend to provide underlying clues regarding your body’s needs. If you have…

  • Dry, limp hair — You may simply be over-drying your hair using blow dryers and straighteners. With that being said, when your hair becomes limp and thin-feeling, it could mean something significant is to blame, such as an underactive thyroid. Another key factor is poor diet — resulting in nutritional deficiencies.


  • Hair that’s falling out — It’s normal to lose some hair on a daily basis, however, if your hair is coming out in clumps, you may need to address your current lifestyle. Although physical or psychological stress are key contributing factors, hair loss can also be a sign of prediabetes or infection. For those who are anemic or lack protein in their diet, this can also cause temporary hair loss.


  • Dull and weak hair — If you have cut fat from your diet in order to lose weight, you may be affecting your hair and overall health. The truth is, you need fat in your diet and if you don’t get enough, dull, weak hair can be a key sign. The same is true regarding prolonged consumption of processed foods, lacking the protein and nutrition your hair requires.


“How Your Diet Supports Healthier Hair “

 If you’d like to achieve healthier, more vibrant hair, your diet is the first place to start. Here’s what you should be eating, based on the positive effects on hair health. By following a balanced diet, rich in protein, healthy fats, vitamin, and minerals, you will encourage a healthier scalp, as well as stronger, shinier hair.