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8 Meals That Are Both Cheap and Delicious

You don’t need to spend the “big bucks” in order to have a great meal.

Whether you’re using up the ingredients in your fridge or would like to try something new, these meals are worth getting excited about. Best of all, they are cheap to make — so get creative!

Try These 8 Fabulous, Budget-Friendly Meals

In order to enjoy a fabulous meal, you do not need to spend a fortune. Let simple ingredients speak for themselves. You’ll end up with a meal that is worth talking about, yet won’t break the bank.

Try these eight recipes to liven up mealtime as you better manage your budget.

  1. Roasted Squash, Corn, and Black Bean Enchiladas

Do you love Mexican, but you’re sick of taco kits that end up costing you an arm and a leg?
Say hello to this healthy and delicious meal made from low-budget staple ingredients. From frozen corn to canned black beans, you probably already have most of these ingredients in your fridge.

Find the recipe here: