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5 Things Even Healthy People Do That Are Actually Bad For You

Human health is rather complex. Although we should most certainly focus on lifestyle variables such as diet and exercise, these are not the only areas of your everyday life that influence your well-being. In fact, there are some bad habits that even “healthy” people develop.

Avoid These 5 Things to Remain Healthy

Like is short, which is why you need to actively prevent health complications. That is why you need to remain proactive and address unhealthy variables in your life. To maintain your health long-term, be mindful of the following five unhealthy habits and behaviors.

  1. Spending all your downtime binge-watching shows

We get it — there are certain shows that just draw you in, and you can’t get enough. However, if you’re like most, you probably sit numerous hours a day at work. Although this is draining, you’re not being as physically active as you need to be. Throw in hours of TV time, and you’re officially at risk.

A low-activity lifestyle not only increases your chances of weight gain, but also the health complications that come along with that (think diabetes, high blood pressure, and poor cardiovascular health). Limit the amount of TV you watch to just one hour daily (instead of the average 4-5 hours that Americans currently spend in front of the ol’ tube).