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4 Things You Need To Know About The JUUL, Including The Health Effects

In order to “help” people stop smoking, the JUUL was created. Quickly becoming one of the hottest e-cigarettes on the market, it has gained a dedicated following. Converting liquid into vapor, this device delivers a hit of nicotine (minus the tobacco).

Although it’s marketed as a “safer” option, that does not mean that it’s a healthy choice. In fact, many experts agree that this new device is worse than smoking cigarettes. This is especially worrying for the youth population, as this discrete device is becoming among high school and college students.

4 Things You Should Know, Including the Health Effects of the JUUL

Unfamiliar with the JUUL? Here’s the lowdown…

Although similar to regular e-cigarettes in that it delivers a potent hit of nicotine, solvents, and flavors, the JUUL differs in terms of its design. Much more compact (resembling a flash drive) and fully rechargeable, there is also an internal temperature-regulating mechanism, which we’ll discuss below.

  1. The JUUL is a portable “nicotine-delivery device”


As mentioned, the JUUL offers a quick fix of nicotine. With each puff, users inhale a dose of nicotine, making them just as addictive as cigarettes. Battery powered, it is said to be safer than traditional e-cigs based on its design. By preventing combustion, it is less likely to explode (which does occur with other types of vaping devices).