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4 Signs Your Health is in Worse Shape than You Thought

There are many obvious ways to tell if your health is suffering. If you fall ill due to a virus and a weakened immune system for example; or if you have open wounds that won’t heal. Some people may not realize their health is in bad shape until they are diagnosed with a serious disease. But your body has a vast array of warning systems that can start showing signs of poor health far before you ever see the debilitating effects of illness or disease. Here are four things you should watch for in order to ensure that your health stays in the best shape.

  1. Constant Fatigue

fatigueIf you are always tired, and can never seem to make it past the morning fog and into an energetic frame of mind, something is not right. In our busy world full of electronic stimuli and the push to do more, you may feel like being tired is “normal”. After all, everyone pulls all-nighters and works overtime these days, right? But sleep is one of the most vital procedures our bodies perform to stay healthy. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, this is a big red flag that your health could be waning.