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4 Natural Ways to Remove Stains From Your Teeth At Home

When we smile, the last thing we want to see are stains staring back at us. Our teeth are important and considering we only have one set, we have to actively take care of them. Although oral health is linked to overall well-being, many of us focus on the appearance of our teeth, hoping to achieve pearly whites.

The truth is, tooth discolouration is an unfortunate reality. It’s critical that you take care of your teeth, as stains may not only develop on the surface, but also deep within the inner structure of the tooth itself. If you have been looking to brighten up your smile, here are four natural remedies to help you along the way.

Why Are My Teeth Stained?

smokeAs mentioned, teeth can become stained due to extrinsic factors, such as soda, coffee, or cigarettes; or intrinsic factors, including too much fluoride, tooth trauma, or age-related factors. When your teeth do become stained, you will notice either white streaks or a yellow tinge.