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4 Egg Treatments for Strong Sexy Shiny Hair

Eggs may be your favorite breakfast food, but they also make an effective hair treatment. Our hair is made up of keratin and protein, and since eggs contain a large amount of protein, they can rebuild damaged hair. The proteins will make your hair stronger, and strong hair is essential for growth. Eggs are also packed with sulfur and biotin, so whether you eat them or apply the eggs as a treatment, you will have healthy and shiny hair.

Why don’t commercial hair products use eggs?eggs There isn’t a way to preserve them in this case, so inevitably they would spoil. However, using eggs as a home treatment is quick, easy, inexpensive and highly-effective. Just make sure you are wearing old clothes and apply these treatments in the bathroom because it can get messy.

Here are 4 egg treatments for strong, sexy, shiny hair: