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3 Non-Toxic Hair Dyes You Need to Know About

It’s estimated that approximately two-thirds of American women dye their hair. In fact, coloring your hair is the norm — no one really thinks twice about it. Based on past and recent research, hair dyes are being viewed as a potential public health risk. Considering over 5,000 different chemicals are used in hair coloring products, natural hair dyes are highly recommended.

The Link Between Cancer and Hair Dye

Cancer affects millions each year, impacting the lives of many more loved ones. As mentioned, a wide range of chemicals are often used in order to permanently color hair. Of these chemicals, many are believed to be carcinogenic — which essentially means they’re ‘cancer-causing’

When dying your hair, the product requires both a color and a developer — the component that contains ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. A number of studies have confirmed that hair coloring, may significantly increase your risk of cancer. We’re exposed to enough environmental toxins as is — focus on natural alternatives instead.

 Use These 3 Natural Hair Dyes Instead

Whether you want to cover grays, lighten or darken your hair, there are a number of natural methods that produce great results. Of course, these results are more subtle than bleach, however, they also look more natural. The color of your hair is not something that should determine your level of confidence, but if you would like to experience subtle changes — try these non-toxic hair dyes.