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16 Deadliest Foods You Eat Everyday

When you look at rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, it’s clear that our current lifestyles are negatively influencing our health. With access to so many quick, convenient foods, the general population is deficient in a number of key nutrients and in turn, disease is able to thrive.

We often do not pay attention to our diet until something drastic occurs, such as a heart attack or a cancer diagnosis. The truth is, you can take action today, eliminating some of the most toxic, deadly foods from your diet. Here are some of the deadliest foods you may eat each and every day — but most certainly shouldn’t.

Are You Eating These 16 Deadly Foods?

The old saying could not be more true, you are what you eat. The foods you consume influence a number of bodily systems, affecting both function and structure. Known toxic additives are implemented into a range of foods and unfortunately, these ingredients wreak havoc on our immune system and overall well-being. If you’re eating the following foods, please reconsider.

  1. Margarine


For years, butter was considered the enemy, but researchers are now verifying that its margarine that we actually need to be weary of. Made with hydrogenated vegetable oils, rich in trans fat, a number of studies have linked this food to an increased risk of heart disease and cancer. Instead, consume grass-fed butter in moderation, as well as organic olive and coconut oil.