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15 Celebrities WHO Are Ageing Horribly

3-Goldie Hawn

goldieThis once radiant beauty hit the spotlight in the 1960’s and shortly after won an Emmy for her comedy variety show, Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. She then began her long streak of success, as well as being the center of every man’s fantasy.

So where did Goldie go all wrong? There’s a good possibility that plastic surgery is to blame. She specifically had a jawline procedure done and now what you see in its place is sagging skin. Unfortunately, plastic surgery and other aesthetic procedures do not last for a lifetime, and can wreak more havoc on a person’s appearance in the long wrong.

Regardless, Goldie Hawn’s contribution to the Hollywood industry will never be forgotten, and her blockbusters like Death Becomes Her and Overboard will forever be household movies.

4-Brigitte Bardot

brigitteIn the 1950’s, Brigitte Bardot was one of Hollywood’s biggest temptresses. The French actress and model lured men with her gorgeous body and revealing fashion style. And now, even though she’s in her 70’s, she’s completely lost it all. It’s hard to see the old Brigitte anywhere in who we see today.

The culprit? Once again, heavy boozing and partying is to blame. Like for many, these unhealthy lifestyle choices will completely destroy beauty until that person becomes unrecognizable.

She will be remembered for gracing our screens in such films as Viva Maria!, where she was nominated for an award for Best Foreign Actress.