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12 Heart Attack Symptoms and Early Warning Signs

Our hearts work hard, pumping blood throughout our body each and every day. Unfortunately, when we do not take care of our health, our heart is often affected. Throughout the world, according to WHO, there are approximately 17.3 million deaths a year due to cardiovascular disease.

For some, a heart attack can come on suddenly — so, it’s critical that you understand the warning signs. No matter how minor, once a heart attack occurs, you need to seek medical treatment and in turn, develop an action plan to reduce your risk of another heart attack.

Know these signs, they could save your life.

12 Heart Attack Symptoms and Early Warnings Signs

Although you will most likely experience warning signs within your chest, which we will discuss momentarily, numerous areas of your body will display troublesome symptoms. More often than not, heart attacks start slowly, causing mild pain and discomfort. If you notice any of the following, treat the situation as a medical emergency.

  1. Chest discomfort

heartAs you would expect, individuals often feel their chest become tight. More often than not, chest discomfort will be a leading warning sign, potentially causing pain. If you experience this feeling for more than a few moments, or it goes away and comes back again, you need to be aware of this means.

When determining who is and isn’t having a heart attack, doctors will focus on several pieces of information. Although blood tests and ECG scans can be administered, they will first want to verbally hear what symptoms you’ve experienced. It is more likely to be a heart attack if you experience this feeling of rightness, pressure, or burning, in comparison to a knife-like pain.