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10 Unexpected Foods That Combat Diabetes

Diabetes affects thousands of people every day in North America. Some cases are Type 1, which is when a person’s pancreas doesn’t produce enough or any insulin to control their blood glucose levels. However, a large majority of cases are Type 2, which means your blood glucose levels are so high that your body can’t use your natural healthy insulin levels properly for control.

Type 2 diabetes is a controllable disease that can be maintained with a proper diet for many sufferers. While you probably know all about foods to avoid to maintain level blood sugar, here are ten foods that you can use to help combat this disease:

1. Beef:

bifecitoLean cuts of beef, like rump and sirloin, can help keep you full and fight off cravings. Combating the urge to indulge in sugary snacks is one of the best ways to keep diabetes in check; being less hungry and having less cravings means you’ll have less blood sugar fluctuations.