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10 Things To Know Before You Buy Health Insurance

A health policy is insurance that protects you in the event of health problems that you solve by contacting private healthcare, by choice, or by obligation.

Not very common until a few decades ago, now more and more people stipulate it, mainly due to public health shortcomings. 

The range of health policies on the market is truly immense, which means choosing a health plan can be difficult. Knowing certain details before comparing an individual, couple, or family health plan can make it easier. For this, we have decided to list here useful tips to do so.  

1- Discover the different types of health insurance

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The first thing you need to know is that there are different types of health policies, each suitable to cover certain needs: 

·      Classic health policy: it is insurance that helps you in the event of illness or injury, covering diagnostic tests, treatments, hospital admissions, and the purchase of related drugs.

·      Accident policy: in this case, the plan will cover only expenses relating to diagnostics and treatment in the event of an accident.

·      Homecare policy: insurance that pays the costs of home care you need if, for example, you have had an accident or got sick.

·      Permanent Disability Policy: This insurance protects you by paying compensation if you suffer a non-temporary disability. 

·      Dental policy: Most traditional policies do not provide for the payment of dental care. This is why some companies offer specific insurance for mouth health-related expenses. 

·      Travel health insurance: a time-limited policy that covers you when you are abroad.