Not All Calories Are Created Equal — Here’s What You Should Know

Protect Your Health — What You Need to Know About Calories

kaloriesWhile focusing on calories, there’s nothing more important than remembering the importance of quality over quantity. One dietary calorie is equal to 4181 joules of energy — and in that sense, a calorie is most certainly a calorie, but when consumed in the human body, this process is much more complex.
The quality of the calories you consume are what determine whether or not you’re living a healthy lifestyle. Certain foods undergo different pathways in comparison to others, resulting in varying amounts of useable energy. More importantly, different foods offer their own unique nutritional profile.

Think of it this way, Todd eats an average of 2,000 calories a day, focusing on plenty of fresh whole foods. Anne on the other hand, only eats around 1,400 calories, but these calories come from sources that are low in nutrients. The 2,000 calories Todd eats provides the macronutrients needed to influence hormonal balance and overall well-being, whereas Anne is essentially consuming ’empty’ calories.